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Low-Power, High functioning Canvas


"Dynamic Picano is a pioneering force in the digital frame industry, redefining image and video display. Our innovative solutions revolutionize the way we showcase content. With a user-friendly mobile app, users seamlessly push dynamic content from their mobile gallery to our digital frames, effortlessly creating visually captivating displays. Our product range includes five frame sizes, providing flexibility and versatility to meet diverse display needs. Unlocking creativity, our frames allow users to design visually appealing frame configurations. Notably, our cutting-edge technology enables wireless playback of stunning 4K videos, setting new standards for immersive visual experiences”.


Dynamic Picano is offering a state-of-the-art digital frame solution. 

  • Sleek, flush mount design with ultra-slim profile and thin bezels

  • Without any external media players/ports

  • Low power & Eco-friendly

  • Only single power cable required

  • 5 different sizes

  • Rectangular or square formats

  • Portrait or landscape orientations.

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